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This is a replica (on the outside only) of a 1910 early settler cottage. It's brand new, only just finished and has a Code of Compliance Certificate. That means it meets the 2013 building code including double-glazing insulation.

There are 2 links, one is a plan and elevation brochure and the second navigates you around the building as if you were here. It talks about various details, finishings and fixtures and the advantages and benefits they bring.

The price is $169,000.00 including GST ex our facility and although that's not cheap it represents value for money when compared with the bottomless pit of cash that's required when renovating an old original. Mind you, if you are passionate about period architecture you'll have no trouble appreciating the effort in achieving a replica that can easily be taken as a beautifully restored old original. I'd imagine to completely finish the build would cost from another $60k which means it can be specified to suit your budget.

There are many obvious differences between building new and renovating old but the main ones are; you know almost exactly what you are up for before you start, that new means new and not 100 years old that requires an enormous amount of on-going repairs and maintenance, you don't have to put up with the house being all wrong for the sun and views, and finally they are so easy and cheap to heat and keep warm. Custom-built models are also available.


Plan and Elevations


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