The Moss Brothers Workmanship Guarantee

Moss Brothers is probably only one of very few firm in New Zealand that gives a 10-year guarantee on workmanship, in writing.

What should a guarantee mean?

A guarantee should mean risk reversal for the client, customer, patient or consumer. I.e. the goods and service provider must do what it takes to make the goods and services they provide fit for their intended purpose. How often do companies promise the earth with their guarantee and when things go wrong just say, “Sorry” and do very little, if anything, unless forced to. How easy is that – Sorry.

A guarantee must cost the goods and service provider if they don’t perform, by self-infliction.

How would you know that a Moss Brother licensed builder is a firm that you could trust, keeps its promises, and one you could feel comfortable doing business with? Easy, just read some of the testimonials on the website.

Moss Brothers have dozens of testimonial that can be viewed on this website – just go to the Past Projects page or the Testimonials page.

And you will see (in the ‘Awards’ section of this website) that Moss Brothers have not only had many entries in the Master Builders House-of-the-Year, but have done extremely well, including 5 Gold Awards, and numerous Silver and Bronze Awards. House-of-the-Year Awards says 2 powerful things about a firm:

  • Your work has been inspected by independent industry judges and is found to be of a consistently high standard.
  • There is no way a client would allow their new home to go into such a competition if they did not have a good relationship with their builder, after the completion.

Past clients, customers, patients or consumers are always the most powerful indicator of how well future clients, customers, patients or consumers are likely to be treated. Moss Brothers actively encourage prospective clients to speak to our past clients. And, as mentioned, almost without exception Moss Brothers clients allowed us enter their house in the Master Builders House of the Year competition if we ask them. They simply would not have given this permission if they were not happy with the performance of the company.

Moss Brothers have a unique 10-Year Guarantee

Building a new home can be anything from an exciting adventure to an absolute nightmare. Moss Brothers are absolutely committed to making building a memorable experience for the right reasons. Peace-of-mind and confidence in your designer & builder is the key. One way Moss Brothers achieve this is by providing a guarantee and it says, “If our workmanship fails in the first 10 years we fix it for free, no ifs or buts”. Moss Brothers can give a guarantee like this because we are so committed & confident in what we do and we only employ skilled competent trades-people.

Even after handover and you have moved in and think you’ve probably heard the last of us - no, we keep in touch. Once if not twice a year Moss Brothers will pick up the phone just to ask, “how are things” and “is everything ok”. We follow up after handover because it’s important to us that you are is still happy.

Also, the guarantee is transferable to the next owner if you sell your Moss Brothers home. This means you can use the guarantee to give a prospective purchaser. This should give the prospective purchaser far more confidence in purchasing your home and the asking price can reflect that. Moss Brothers will also guarantee a starting date for your building project and the work will be continuous until completion. What this means is the carpenters will not be taken off the job to work elsewhere and planning for alternative accommodation during this period (if required) can be more accurate.

The First Meeting With Our Architectural Designer Or Home Consultant Is Free

Where to from here? Gather up your thoughts, ideas and examples of what you’d like your new home to be like. Come along and meet with one of our home building consultants for a free no obligation consultation. Then the next step is to introduce you to our architectural design team and you’ll be able to pick their brains about what works well in house design or how we can make your own design ideas come to life.

Quality Control

Moss Brothers are so committed to smooth project performance and the quality control of all tradesmen workmanship that we have designated licensed building inspectors. It is the sole responsibility of the Moss Brothers Building Inspector to make sure project momentum is maintained at all times, shortcuts by tradesmen are not taken, and the best trade practices are always adhered to.



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