For Sale – Early Settlers Cottages – Built 2013

Project number M1134

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A Brief Specification

This cottage has a building consent to complete to shell/lock-up only. What that means is that it totally completed on the outside, including painting, but on the inside just open framing except for where the engineer requires sheet bracing.

The benefit of a built to shell/lock-up to you is that you can still choose your preferred or personal touches of internal finishings, fixtures and finishings.

  • Particleboard floor.
  • Polystyrene under-floor insulation.
  • Ex150 x 25 H2.3 sawn-faced radiata perimeter baseboards.
  • Ex75 x 50 H3.2 decorative radiata foundation trim.
  • Ex100 x 40 premium grade radiata decking.
  • Ex100 x 100 H3.1 radiata laminated veranda posts.
  • 2.4 to 2.7m stud/ceiling height.
  • House roof pitch and trusses at 8 to 30° - varies depending on location.
  • 300mm eave overhand with 4.5mm fibre-cement soffit linings.
  • Ex 50mm H3.2 exposed radiata veranda roof framing and fascia beams.
  • Ex 25mm FP-P radiata fascias and barges.
  • Veranda roof pitch is 8° (curved veranda roofing iron) – no soffit linings under verandas.
  • The supply and fit of Coloursteel roof and spouting, including installer's warrantee.
  • Ex 250 x 25 FP-P rusticated radiata weatherboards – used since the year 1870.
  • Double-glazed and double-hung (i.e. vertically sliding sashes) aluminium external period replica window and door joinery.
  • Exterior wooden FP-P radiata replica trims including; house corner and weatherboards cover boards (corner boxes), exterior window and door sills, facings, sill brackets, decorative soffit brackets at 750mm centres on average – view website photos for full details.
  • Light timber-framed chimney lined with stucco cement wash.

Transportation distance is not usually too much of a problem. Once a house is loaded, another hour or 3 travelling is neither here nor there as far as cost is concerned.

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