For Sale – Early Settlers Cottages – Built 1913 2013

Building delays can be a new home owner’s worst nightmare. You ask yourself, “Where are those (#&@!) tradesmen” because without steady progress it can drive you to despair. And of course, the longer it takes to build the longer you are in temporary accommodation paying rent and the longer you have to keep furniture in storage, paying a fee for that too!

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a yard-built home is that of time. Getting a new home built from scratch takes months and months. Firstly it’s got to be designed. Then it has to get a building consent at the council (and we all know how long it takes to get plans through the council approved!) Then there is the build-time itself – as long as the weather is perfect for your project it can run smoothly – right? – Yeah right! Perfect weather?

Another huge advantage of a pre-finished yard-built home is you can also get to see what you are buying before you purchase. You are able to see the quality of materials used and then able to observe the standard of workmanship. Furthermore, all yard-built projects will have already passed a Code of Compliance by the council before being sold and moved. This means you can be both assured and satisfied it meets your personally required standards before purchase.

Yes there is the ‘perceived’ added cost of transporting the building onto site but that’s what most of this cost is: perceived. You see all goods and service providers, including builders, building material supply merchants, plumbers, electricians, tilers and painters etc., charge travelling time. And over the course of a building project this can be thousands of dollars – just to travel!! But by having a building built right in town where they all live can mean huge savings.

Another pertinent question to ask yourself is - “Does transporting affect or weaken a building”? Moss Brothers can take you see houses that were totally finished before being relocated – our previous show home was one such building. It was full of glass, granite, tiles and wallpaper and it was placed on its new foundation in almost perfect condition. Not a pane of glass cracked or broken. No chips in the granite or tiling, not even a tear or crease in any of the wallpaper and only a few hair-line cracks in some of the joints in the plaster-board – taking no more and a couple of hours to touch-up.

Further to the relocation and transportation issue, all yard-built homes are structurally designed and engineered to be relocated to severe weather exposure sites. That means they can be relocated to almost any site and a few hours of delivery by truck is like a walk in the park.

Can a house be delivered to your site if access seems impossible? Moss Brothers have been in the construction industry for more than 27 years and during that time we’ve been involved in relocating many buildings. One thing we’ve learned is never assume these transport operators can’t get a building onto a particular site. They have so much experience and imagination that the only way to tell is to ask them for a quote and let them work out the details of how to get it there.

Another thing; transportation distance is not usually too much of a problem either. Once a house is loaded, another hour or three travelling is neither here nor there as far as cost is concerned.

As for the houses themselves, the ‘outside look’ is that of early settler’s cottages – between 1890 and 1920. The big difference is, that they are brand new and meet the strict Building Code of today. That means they are easy to heat and keep warm. And they are constructed from building materials that are low maintenance which means they are effortless to look after.

The floor plans we use are not authentic because no one would want that. Today people want easy and efficient living. That although it’s not a Building Act requirement yet, we have included ‘hardly noticeable’ features that will make it more user-friendly for disabled people. Which means if at any stage in the future one of the occupants ends up in a wheelchair, expensive modifications are not usually required.

At this stage the cottages we offer for sale are only being built to the completion of the shell/lock-up. That means it is totally completed on the outside. The benefit of this is the new owner can personalise the internal finishings, fixtures and fittings – right down to the carpets.

Please phone 06-370-2058 any time for a chat about what is available for sale.



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