Design Flexibility

All great designs start from a preferred style in the owner's minds-eye. That preferred style would come from either something the owner has seen or from our brochure range.

Flexibility in design

Moss Brothers have a range of about 36 different brochures from 4 design series, which give options on size and style. From one-bedroom sleep-outs to seven or eight bedroom homesteads, from having one veranda on the front to having verandas on all sides. Also including two or more storeys. But we know that we could have thousands of styles and floor plans and there still may not be one to suit your particular needs, family requirements or building site. So we stress that all of our brochures are designed to be "thought-starters" that can be massaged into shape around what's important to you, while incorporating one of our classical and traditional character reproduction designs.

The artists view on the front of each brochure (see section "Plans & Designs") and the floor plan on the reverse page are designed to match. We understand that although there might be a style you like, you may need to adjust the floor plan to suit your site and personal requirements; or pick out particular features of a preferred style and use them to generate the overall theme. Our architectural design and drafting team will work with you and your ideas to achieve your most desired result.

But what happens more often than not, people will see an old house or homestead they like in a magazine or newspaper and rip it out and say something like: "See this design, we want to build a new home that looks old like this but using the same or similar finishings and attention to detail as seen on one of your display homes". Or, while out walking or driving they see a beautiful old style they love, take a photo of it & say the same kind of thing – "Please apply some of your design magic to this old home or homestead". You see, it's not about our standard brochures but about architecture with character and when you show us what you've seen and love – we can make it come to life for you.

It's now possible and very cost effective to build a new home that has all of the advantages and benefits that goes with using modern construction materials, methods and techniques while still capturing the warmth and charm of traditional New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and American homes.

With a new character home you can still enjoy the feeling of space when you build new with a 2.7 – 3.6m (9 or 12ft) high ceiling. While also finding it easy to heat and be able to benefit from the heat you've generated. Heat loss can sometime be a real problem and disadvantage with the original older villa house construction because they often tend to be draughty and contain little or no insulation. However, our design team can explain modern options and methods available today of heat control with a high ceiling. Email your enquiry to

How to start the designing & building process

Gather up your thoughts, ideas and examples of what you'd like your new home to be like. Come along and meet with one of our home building consultants for a free no obligation consultation. Then the next step is to introduce you to our architectural design team and you'll be able to pick their brains about what works well in house design or how we can make your own design ideas come to life.

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