5 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Or Comments

1 - How Much Does A New Moss Brothers Home Cost?

Moss Brothers will answer this question in 2 parts – 1) We have what we call a 'Pricing Information Guide', and 2) We have an 'Indicative Price Schedule' for each of the 4 series of designs.

The Pricing Information Guide: This is a document that describes how a building project, any building project, is priced. To request a copy of this document click here.

The Indicative Price Schedule: Depending of the style of house you are after (NZ period replica villa, Australian Queenslander/Outback homestead, Canadian cedar cabins and homesteads, or American Cape Cod – storey-and-a-half) we can forward you indicative costing information on each series. To request a copy click here.

2 – Moss Brothers Is Based In Masterton, How Can I Cost Effectively Have You Build For Us On Our Property?

Moss Brothers have built as far north as Keri Keri and as far south as Fairlie. In some regions around the country we already have builders licensed to carry out Moss Brothers projects. If we don't have one in your area we will work with the closest Master Builders or Certified Builders association for referrals. We will then carry out our own due diligence on those referred to us and select the one that meets our criteria of excellence.

Because 95% of all goods and services will be local to you, it means that travelling and transport expenses are really no more than if you were employing a builder just down the road (or from the nearest town). As for the remaining 5%, many of these items are not available "off the shelf" at the local merchant. We therefore have to have them produced for us. But in the overall scheme of things, it's just a minor expense.

3 – We like a particular Moss Brothers brochure but floor layout doesn't suite our section or family requirements. Can things be changed easily and are changes very expensive?

Firstly, we expect changes to be made to our standard brochure plans. Maybe only two or three times in the past 25 years has someone taken a plan "as-is". It's important to realise that each project is priced as a separate exercise to make sure it fits within your budget. Yes, we do have an indicative price schedule but it is not a pricelist. The primary use of the indicative price schedule is as a guide and to point you in the likely direction.

As for the cost of changes to the brochure plans, it's nice to know that most of these expenses are included in the cost of the build. However, because some projects do not advance to the "build phase" (usually because the customer's circumstances have changed), any expenses incurred in preparing project plans is invoiced as they are produced. However, the amount you pay then becomes a credit to the deposit of the 'build' when you eventually move on to that phase of the project.

4 – We like the way Moss Brothers conducts itself in business but don't want a character home. Will Moss Brother design and build another style for us?

Yes. We find this happens about 20% of the time. One of the most important characteristics people look for in a design and build firm is consistency – even more so than price. That means that although overall style may be different to Moss Brothers' core business, the processes, standards and guarantees are all still the same.

5 – We want to find out more. Where to from here?

The next step is to have an obligation-free, no-conditions-apply meeting with one of our architectural designers or home consultants. At the meeting you'll be able to "pick their brains" and they'll be able to show you how they can make your ideas come to life.

Requesting a meeting is easy. You can:

  • Phone Moss Brothers office on 06-370-2058, or
  • Click here to fill in your details requesting a first meeting, or
  • Click here to have Julian Moss phone you at a time convenient to you just for a chat.

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