Moss Brothers Design & Build Options

Moss Brothers specialise in designing and building 4 separate and distinctive styles of architecture. Each style is referred to as a series. This is because each series contains between 4 and 14 different brochures. The 4 series are:

  1. New Zealand replica villas - Click here to request access to free brochures and plans.

  2. Australian Queenslander/Outback homestead- Click here to request access to free brochures and plans.

  3. Canadian cedar cabins and homesteads - Click here to request access to free brochures and plans.

  4. American Cape Cod – storey-and-a-half - Click here to request access to free brochures and plans.

A Brief Description and Explanation Of Options:

  1. 'Components supplied to Shell' is the minimum order:

    Including materials and timber supplied pre-cut, selected lengths and random, pre-nailed wall frames and gang nail trusses, supply and fit the roof and spouting (warrantees will be provided), all flashings, all (loose) nails, bolts and building paper, double-glazed aluminium (only the Canadian Frontier Cabins & Homesteads series is manufactured from cedar unless requested specifically) external window and door joinery and flashings, external cladding and external trims and embellishments. For a more detailed specification list of all series request document; DT-1.1.3. The word 'kit' is used as an abbreviation to the word 'components'.

  2. Built to Shell:

    This is the same as 'Kit Supplied To Shell' but includes carpentry labour and concrete for the foundations. A Moss Brothers licensee or franchisee building contractor would erect the 'Kit Supplied To Shell' to a stage where the house is locked up and waterproof. If you can imagine walking around the outside seeing the house finished, this is what it would look like – only excluding painting. The inside is left with open wall and ceiling framing ready for subcontractors like; plumbing, electrical and insulation installers to start.

  3. 'Kit supplied to Shell' or 'Built to Shell' 'Plus':

    This means you've selected both of the 2 previous options and maybe want other specific additional goods and services provided. Moss Brothers will provide an internal fit-out Component Pack (Internal Fit-Out Kit – DT-1.1.6-Fit-Out-Means and DT-1.1.7-Whats-Included-With-Fit-Out) and labour to fit items as an add-on based on discussions with you, requiring a separate quote.

  4. Full Build:

    A Moss Brothers licensed or franchised building contractor would fully complete the project including painting, decorating, paths, drive-ways and fences as requested by you.

  5. Plans And Specifications For Your Building Project:

    Plans and specifications for a Building Consent are included with all options. All proposed projects start with the development of Concept Plans and Specification specifically for each project, based on a specific building site. This is to enable us to price the project accurately. You will be charged for these documents as they are produced but what you pay will become a credit to the deposit of your proposed project when you accept and approve your Moss Brothers proposal/quote. Specific engineer design for work outside the standard (NZS3604) Building Code and any documentation or application for Resource Consent is extra.

  6. Early Settler's Cottages For Sale:

    Moss Brothers are continually building early settlers cottages which are always available for sale. Refer to the Navigation Bars at the top and on the right-hand side of the Home Page for styles available and what is currently available for sale. This is an extremely attractive option for some people because the house is already completed to shell/lock-up. This means they can be delivered within a matter of weeks of the issuing of a building consent – saving delays and waiting time.

  7. Mouldings And Other Products And Systems For Sale:

    If you are renovating or wanting to build on a veranda to your existing villa or home, Moss Brothers will sell their custom-made products and systems. Refer to the Navigation Bar on the right-hand side of the Home Page for products available and window and veranda systems that look sympathetic to older architecture and work every time.

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